Establishment, Title, Working Area

Article 1


The Turkish National Committee in compliance with the status of "International Solid Wastes and Public Cleansing Association" has been established according to the 3rd paragraph and "m" item of the item 7 of the Higher Education Law 2587. The item 7 has been changed by the Law 2880.

a) Depending on the 3rd paragraph of 7th article of changed 2880th numbered article of High Education Law, there has been a national committee bodied in accordance with the statutes of "International Solid Wastes and Public Cleansing Association (ISWA)".

b) The title of this national committee is "Katı Atık Kirlenmesi Araştırma ve Denetimi Türk Milli Komitesi (KAKAD)-Turkish National Committee on Solid Waste".

c) The center of the committee is Boğaziçi University.


Aims and Duties

Article 2 


National Committees' Aims and Duties are shown below;

a) To support, follow, encourage the research and the control of solid wastes in Turkey, and also arrange scientific meetings and publications in this field.

b) To cooperate with the related governmental and private organizations to minimize and control of the pollution caused by the solid wastes in Turkey.

c) The exchange of knowledge and experiences in the collection, management and minimization of the domestic, commercial and industrial solid wastes, sludge of the treatment water and wastewater treatment plants.


* It has been published by in the Official Paper numbered 20136 at 11th April, 1989.


d) To cooperate with the industry to develop appropriate national technologies related to subjects which are considered.

e) To represent Turkey at the "International Solid Wastes and Public Cleansing Association" as a National Member.

f) To cooperate with the member, organizations and establishments of the National Committees of the other countries in the related subjects.


Article 3

The activity field covers all the areas related to solid waste pollution, research and control and the environmental sciences and technologies within the compliance of the Article 2.



Article 4


a) The individual people who has the Turkish Nationality and work directly in the educational and scientific and research institutions related to the fields given in Article 3 in an education or the companies in the field of solid wastes research and applications can be members to the Committee. These establishments will be represented in the National Committee by one person that they appoint.

b) Two members should suggest and the Executive Committee should approve a person or an organization to be member to the Committee.

c) The members pay an annual membership fee regularly unless the General Assembly has an opposite decision. 




Article 5


The organs of the National Committee are the General Assembly and the Executive Committee.


General Assembly

Article 6


General Assembly is conceited by all the members. General Assembly should have a meeting every year at June in an appropriate place. The presence of the majority of the members for the General Assembly is not required. The executive Committee may have General Assembly meetings at other dates. If possible, the invitation of the assembly should be announced one month before the meeting.

General assembly chooses to conduct the meeting.


Executive Committee

Article 7


a)      The works of the National Committee is conducted by the Executive Committee.

b)      The Executive Committee is selected by the General Assembly for three years, it consisted of;

-  President of the National Committee and Executive Committee

 - Vice President

 - General Secretary (he/she is also treasurer)

 - Four members

The members whose term is ended can be selected again.

c) If necessary the Executive Committee can employ temporary or permanent professionals. It is not necessary for these employees to be the member of the National Committee.

d) The Executive Committee presents a detailed work annual report to the General Assembly every year.



Article 8


The representatives for "International Solid Wastes and Public Cleansing Association" and this unions' committees, are chosen. The Executive Committee appoints the representatives to the Executive Committees and Working Groups. The representatives should be the members of the National Committee. Representatives for the other institutions are appointed in the same way.




Article 9


a) The activities of the National Committee are supported by the budget allocated in the frame of the budget of the Boğaziçi University, by the approval of the High Education Councils and membership fees, donations, researches and scientific meetings.

b) Individual, institution and company membership fees are determined every year by the General Assembly. General Assembly can delegate this authority to the Executive Committee.

c) The membership fee of the "International Solid Wastes and Public Cleansing Association" will be paid either from the allocated budget of the Boðaziçi University or the budget of the National Committee.

d) National Committee can accept every kind of donation, allowance and help from the governmental or private organizations and individuals by the approval of the Executive Committee.

e) The General Secretary makes the payments for the activities of the National Committee within the limit that the Executive Committee decides. The president, the vice president and General Secretary will make the decision together for the expenditures above the limits. The appropriation from the budget of the Boðaziçi University will be obtained according to the request of the Executive Committee of the National Committee and the effective fiscal legislation.

f) The financial working period is the financial year.

g) The income and expenditure accounts are presented to the General Assembly for each period at the following routine General Assembly in June. The General Assembly makes the final decision about the acceptance of the financial report.

h) The budget for the next period will be presented for the approval of the General Assembly at the Regular General Assembly meeting by the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee has the authority to make the necessary changes in the budget during the period.


Duration and Abolition

Article 10


a) National Committee has been established for an unlimited time.

b) National Committee can abolish itself by the votes of the three quarters of the members at the General Assembly. However, this decision would be valid if only, the abolishment request should be put in the agenda of the General Assembly and sent to the members two months before the meeting.

c) The High Education Council can abolish the National Committee if there is a diversion from the aims or if the National Committee cannot accomplish its duties.

d) In the case of abolition, The High Education Council will decide about the future of the movable and immovable properties and goods and the money of the National Committee.


Temporary Article 1


The first General Assembly meeting should be held within the three months after the approval for the General Assembly is given by the High Education Council. The duties of the General Assembly and Executive Committee will be carried on by the founding members up to the first General Assembly.



Article 11


This Regulation is valid after its publication in the Official Gazette of the Government.



Article 12


The sentences of this Regulation are carried on by the Rector of the Boğaziçi University.